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Investment management is the professional management of various securities and assets in order to meet specified investment objectives for the benefit of the traders. Investors might be institutions or even private investors. The term asset management is often accustomed to refer to an investment management of group investments, (certainly not) while the much more generic fund management may refer to all forms of institutional expense as well as expense management web hosting investors. Expense managers who specialize in advisory or discretionary management with respect to private investors might often make reference to their providers as prosperity management or portfolio management often within the context of so-called "private banking". The provision associated with 'investment {management services' includes elements of financial declaration analysis, asset selection, stock selection, plan implementation and ongoing monitoring of investments. Expense management is a large and essential global business in its own right responsible for caretaking of billions of yuan, bucks, euro, lbs and pound. The business associated with investment has several aspects, the employment associated with professional fund managers, research (of individual property and resource classes), dealing, settlement, marketing, internal auditing, and also the preparation of reports with regard to clients. The biggest financial fund managers are firms that exhibit all the intricacy their dimension demands. Apart from the people who bring in the money (entrepreneurs) and the people who direct investment (the account managers), there are compliance employees (to ensure accord with legal and regulatory constraints), inner auditors of various sorts (to examine inner systems and controls), financial controllers, computer experts, and "back office" employees.

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